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We’ve got new t-shirts for sale. Punk t-shirts. Get them here:

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FITD single
We’ve got a shop where you can buy our record – more stuff will be added over the next week or two. The quicker we sell our records, the quicker we go into the studio to do our next one (or two – big plans afoot!)  

FITD Shop – buy the single

Here’s the English version of the interview originally published at: (in Bulgarian).   Gerard please tell us more about the early days of FITD – were they more prolific or it was a kind of teenage enthusiasm? Lots of teenage enthusiasm and idealism and plans on changing the world. […]

Bulgarian Website Interview

  Announcing the new line-up, presently scheduled to debut on October 25th at the Green Door Store, Brighton with The Mob!

New Line-Up

The long lost FITD album is finally available on limited edition vinyl, with silk-screened sleeve & booklet: Click To Buy Here Track Listing: Is It Real Lick My Crazy Colours Maypole She Laughed Psychopathic Gallery Outlaws Bible Seller Pyromania Weaver Rock Hudson Novembers Song Unreason Why Does It Hurt ? […]

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A new FITD song featuring: Gerard Evans – vocals, guitar & programming Sue Buckler – vocals and violin Jez Cunningham – bass The video features the above 3 in the first half and then the second half features archive footage from a mid-eighties FITD in and around the Mr Clean […]

Why Can’t 4 and 9 Make 3 Video

fuck work
I wasn’t happy with the somewhat crappy keyboard bass on the original recording of Fuck Work so I managed to sneak a recording session with Jez from the Levellers re-recording the bass properly just before the Levellers went off gigging for the summer. It’s also remixed a bit – hence […]

Fuck Work – dancing about architecture remix

Brazilian band Gattopardo have released a Portugese-language version of Flowers in the Dustbin song The Reason Why, retitled “Motivos maiores”

Brazilian band Gattopardo release FITD cover

Agave Nectar Diabetes
I’ve been using Agave Nectar as a substitute for other sweeteners in the belief that it’s better for diabetes, due to it’s low GI. But a post on Facebook the other day blew this illusion out of the water. The FB link took me here: and shocked me somewhat. So I […]

The great Agave Nectar Swindle – Agave Nectar & Diabetes