FITD Live in London, Sat December 13th

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New Line-Up

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Announcing the new line-up, presently scheduled to debut on October 25th at the Green Door Store, Brighton with The Mob!

Buy the FITD album online

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The long lost FITD album is finally available on limited edition vinyl, with silk-screened sleeve & booklet:

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Track Listing:

Is It Real

Lick My Crazy Colours


She Laughed

Psychopathic Gallery


Bible Seller



Rock Hudson

Novembers Song


Why Does It Hurt ?


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Flowers in the Dustbin live October 2014

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FITD live

The Mob / Flowers in the Dustbin – Green Door Store Brighton, October 25th 2014

Tickets £7 here:

Limited edition Flowers in the Dustbin T Shirts

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Limited edition FITD t-shirts available for $12 inc. P&P US & $17  worldwide (ships from USA).

Email to order

Flowers in the dustbin t shirts

Why Can’t 4 and 9 Make 3 Video

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A new FITD song featuring:

Gerard Evans – vocals, guitar & programming
Sue Buckler – vocals and violin
Jez Cunningham – bass

The video features the above 3 in the first half and then the second half features archive footage from a mid-eighties FITD in and around the Mr Clean studios in Bermondsey, South-East London. This was shot by Tim Soar and also features many close friends of the band, including ex-drummer Joanne Karczewski and future guitarist Antje Klaehn

Abnormal – Flowers in the Dustbin Full video by Allan Burgoyne

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Allan has kindly made a great video for Abnormal:

Fuck Work – dancing about architecture remix

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I wasn’t happy with the somewhat crappy keyboard bass on the original recording of Fuck Work so I managed to sneak a recording session with Jez from the Levellers re-recording the bass properly just before the Levellers went off gigging for the summer. It’s also remixed a bit – hence the word remix in the title, kind of gives the game away.

Thinking more and more about playing live, but it won’t be happening just yet.

Two more new songs on the way – ‘Tossa Inna Tossaka’ is my little bit of road rage set to music and another song that I’m especially pleased with called (tentatively and subject to change) ‘Why Can’t 4 and 9 make 3?’. Or I might just call it ‘I don’t wanna be an adult’ – it’s all about feeling tired of the responsibilities of adulthood and yearning for the childhood days before all that pressure reared it’s ugly head.

But that’s all for the future – here’s Fuck Work, the new version:

fuck work

Demystification – Lick My Crazy Colours (Flowers In The Dustbin cover)

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3/17/2013 @ part time punks in l.a.

Last Tango In Vietnam covered in LA by Demystification

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Demystification – last tango in vietnam (flowers in the dustbin cover) 3/17/2013 @ part time punks in l.a.